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Matthew AbelMatthew was born 28 April 1984 in Oklahoma USA. Growing up he had a natural affinity for the art world and was always sketching and designing. He moved to Texas at an early age, where he grew up in Houston, graduating from St Thomas High School.

He spent 3 semesters at Texas Tech University as an graphic art student, but soon realised that the university curriculum learning didn't suit him so he left Texas Tech and attended community college to studied the welding trade instead.

His father brought him out to his current home, Indonesia, in 2011 to expose him to life outside Texas.

He originally came to the island of Bali, Indonesia for a long weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the life style and change of pace, so he stayed on there to experience living on his own while absorbing a new culture.

In Bali his path crossed with a local artist, Elka S., who recognized that his sketches held promise for him in the art world. He then decided to become a student and studied under Elka S. for three years.

Through that valuable tutoring Matthew developed an abstract style using oil on canvas medium. During the learning process he travelled widely in Indonesia, viewing its art and learning about the influence of both Buddha and the magnificent beauty of Indonesia. For the next 3 years he trained in various techniques and explored a wide array of painting styles. After 3 years, he completed his training and went on my own to find his own signature style and interests.

The style he developed was abstract allowing him access to his imagination and the expression thereof. There are endless subjects available in this general theme and it reinforces his personal view of both art and life. Matthew is intrigued by abstract because there are no rules governing the artist, only the rules one makes for oneself.

The world is in a state of chaos and the artist struggles to make sense of it. Matthew thinks his art is both formless and has many forms simultaneously. It is only through a change of perception from viewer to viewer and a change in direction that those looking can see the infinite possibilities the art can possess. His goal is to spark another's imagination into ordering his chaos into something they see as beautiful in their mind's eye.

Matthew says, "I am constantly pushing myself in new directions to evolve both my skill and my form of expression."

The site gallery is a chronology of that journey.


2013         House of Sampoerna, Surabaya
2014         Six-Point, Sanur
2015         Cilacap
2015        Cipanas
2015         Rich Stone, Kerobokan

Recently completed workMore recent work

Former Exhibitions

2014 "TriArt", Six Point, Sanur, Bali
2015 "Expose", DecoArt, Cilacap, Central Java
2015 "Expose", UMKM, Cipanas, West Java
2015 "Chronotope", Rich Stone. Kuta, Bali
2016 "Resolution", Rich Stone, Kuta Bali
2016 "A Verse In Time", This Ugly Warung, Ubud, Bali